Our Online Discussion Using Today’s Meet

Today I was fortunate enough to assist with one of our Year 6 English classes as we continued studying the Quest Atlantis novel and introduced the Quest Atlantis Legend Video.

I have one word to describe the lesson and the students’ contributions – AWESOME!

We discussed some of the characters and themes that we had encountered so far in the QA novel, Two Worlds, One Fate.  This discussion was done in the traditional way with all of us gathered at the front of the room and students putting their hands up when they wanted to contribute.  Little did we all realise what a valuable discussion this would be!

As we watched the Legend Video for the first time, we asked the students to think of words that came to mind to describe their feelings as they watched.  Rather than sharing our thoughts and ideas in the traditional way, we decided to use an online discussion tool instead.  After discussing safety and etiquette when using this type of online tool, students set to work to answer their first question, “What words would you use to describe the Quest Atlantis Legend Video?” In under twenty minutes, we had 10 pages of fabulous and thoughtful contributions from all members of the class!  You can click here to view the other questions and the entire discussion.

At the end of our lesson, we came together to discuss the differences, advantages and disadvantages of online discussions. Our saved document will allow us to revisit the discussion for editing and further discussion. “Can we do this again? Please?” was heard as the students left the computer lab.

A very big “thank you” to Mr B and the wonderful Year 6 students on their fabulous efforts!