My Building Experience in Quest Atlantis

One of the things we love about Quest Atlantis is that there is “something for everyone”.  QA has a number of different learning activities that will appeal to learners of all ages.

If you have always wanted to build your own house but thought that the real thing might be a little challenging, then maybe you should try your hand at building in a virtual world!

One of our youngest Questers has been completing her own Qville building project over the school holidays.  She took me on a tour of her Qville lot and I asked her to answer a few questions about her building experience.

How did you learn how to build in Quest Atlantis?

Well, first of all there is a building course in Quest Atlantis.  It’s like you’re being tutored. What happens is you read all the instructions and follow them until eventually you make something. Then you can go onto building big buildings and houses and hotels!

How did you organise your own plot of land?

First, I went and did the building tutorial, then I had to go to this building that is in front of you when you first land in Qville. Then I went to a computer and I clicked on it and on my Q-Pod one of the clickables said “Rent a plot of land”. I clicked on it and chose to buy lot 200. Also every one month you have to pay a rent. The amount you have to pay is 6 Cols. Then I went and started to build my house.

Do you buy land or do you rent it?

You can’t buy the plot of land you can only rent it which means you have to pay the Cols every single month.

Describe the different buildings and items on your lot.

First I have two mushroom houses in the backyard, one is for me and the other one I built for lucytrainer 🙂 I also have two water features in the backyard. One is a very small fountain and the other is a big fountain.

Inside the real house I have one bedroom for myself because this house is only for me. I also have a kitchen, bathroom, a waiting room for the bathroom and a lounge room. (This includes a dining table in the kitchen.)

A mushroom house is a small house shaped like a mushroom with a chimney out the top of it’s roof. Lucytrainer’s house is green and yellow and mine is pink.

What is your favourite item or area on your lot?

I don’t have a favourite item because they are all very nice really except for the toilet and the toilet roll, but my favourite room is my bedroom. I love it because it’s a place where I can relax and enjoy my time to myself.

Our Quester has also written a story with images about her Qville building experience.  Click here to visit the Flickr page.