What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? Well, a great deal, if you’re a Quester! 🙂

Our Year 6 Questers have been conducting research to look for their ideal Quest Atlantis username. After all, their username will stay with them forever and cannot be changed! The students want to have a name that shows something about them and what QA means to them.

Students brainstormed what themes they feel run through the novel as a way to begin their research. The next step involved thinking of suitable categories for names. Some examples are:

  • The environment
  • People of historical significance
  • Greek Mythology
  • Characters from our favourite books
After researching and deciding on two possible QA usernames, students were then asked to submit their choices via the school’s Portal, including their reasons for choosing the names.
After the teachers have approved the usernames and parent consent forms have been returned, students will then be registered and ready to begin their journey inside Atlantis!
Congratulations to all of our Questers for putting so much thought into their special QA usernames!
Lucy Trainer 🙂